• Hook Forming With Screwing Device is your good choice.The utility model relates to a hook lock thread fixing device, which comprises a nail seat (1), a nail body (6) and a top wire (2) located in the nail seat (1). The nail seat (1) is provided with an inner Thread, the top wire (2) is provided with an external thread that matches the internal thread, and the lower end surface (14) of the internal thread has a barb protrusion I (8) extending downward at its end, and The angle α between the upper end surface (13) of the thread and the inner wall (12) of the nail holder connected to it is an obtuse angle;


  • High Precision Wire Straightening And Cutting Machine belongs to the technical field of straightening and cutting machinery.


  • High Precision Wire Straightening And Cutting Machine is your good choice.The motor is driven by a belt to increase the speed, so that the straightening cylinder rotates at a high speed. The steel bars passing through the straightening cylinder are straightened, and there is a straightening die to clear the scale on the surface of the steel bar.


  • Axis spring coiling machines have a wide range of applications. As long as the spring is used, the spring machine can be used. Effectively solve the problems of spring accuracy and production efficiency. Next, let us take a look at the application of spring machines in the electromechanical industry. 1. Matching springs for automobiles, motorcycles, diesel engines and gasoline engines.


  • Application field of WF45 1.8 4.5mm 3 4axis CNC cam wire forming machine WF45 1.8 4.5mm 3 4axis CNC cam wire forming machine is your good choice.Wire forming machine, also known as wire forming machine, is used to produce wire forming products. It is a steel wire that walks in, and through the work of the bending head, it is made into a flat or three-dimensional linear product, or the wire is processed by a corner tool to be folded into a variety of flat or three-dimensional steel wire parts of various shapes.


  • Mechanical characteristics of torsion spring machine are PC control, servo power, simple mechanical adjustment, multiple motion stations, can make all kinds of complicated torsion springs.