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Alliance Wire Forming Tech Co., Limited.

Alliance Wire Forming Tech Co., Limited, one of spring & wire forming production line solution provider in China, focuses on high quality and affordable machinery solutions.

Alliance is the exclusive global distributor for

JY 10-12 axis camless wire formers 0.2-10.0mm,
DZ 3-6 axis cam spring machine 0.2-6.0mm.
XY 2,3,5,6 axis spring coiler 0.06-5.0mm,
XF 4 axis spring coiler 0.15-4.0mm,
SY 5 axis big spring coilers 1.0-25.0mm,
AG 6-11 axis 3D wire bending machine 1.8-12.0mm.
ZF bucket forming machine 0.5-12.0mm
ZD 2D wire bender & wire straightening ,ring coiler
ZS wire strip forming machine
ZH spring tempering furnace

VS spring testing machine

We’ve not only earned a reputation for innovative and affordable manufacturing solutions, but also for providing outstanding technical support and assistance to spring & wire forming manufacturer.


Respect scientific knowledge
Value practical skills
Pay attention to details of process
Reasonable income distribution

Never forget the original intention
Keep up with the times
always to be first
Seek common ground while reserving differences